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10.08.08 - Normal Day!

Today I can just chill out and think about going to Dubai for the 2nd time in 1 month!! I just think that it is sooooo cool don't you! I'll update my website after my 2nd Dubai trip! Bye!

26.08.08 - Relaxation day!

All I want to do today is to think about christmas even though its just over 3 months! I desperatley want a small travel laptop! Bye!

28.12.08 - A sunday!

I got a 8GB pink iPod nano for christmas...a zuca bag and lots and lots of clothes! What did you get?

11.04.09 - A break in the skating

Wow what a holiday ive had so far! Its like non stop skating! But it feels good not to be skating coz it gives me more time to do things on the computer and other things. For my birthday i got a new phone and for my party i had a singing party in Witham and it was brilliant! A great way to spend my last brithday party! Bye for now!

20.06.10 - Skating

Ahh...skating at Romford is just HORRIFIC! People everywhere! Sometimes I wish I could just leave it for a while!! Oh, and sorry that I havent updated in like, over a year but i've had soooo much going on! OMG my year six production is THIS week!! Im worried!! Ill see if i can get some photos up onto here :) bye for nowww!!

28.05.11 - Maize.

Im going Hyper. Yesterday dad and I stayed up watching a movie called Grown Ups, it was really cool as we pigged out on pizza, garlic bread and chocolate!! (nomnom) The reason why I called this entry Maize. is because in the movie, this guy says maize in a really funny voice, and it kind of stuck!:)

7.5.12 - WOW.

Oh my lord! It's almost been a year since I last posted! Anyway, Im in year 8 now and loving it. Heheee. I've taken my level 4 fieldmoves and life is cool. I dunno what I should call this..O-Blog, for online blog? E-Blog? iBlog? Email me with ideas for names for my bloggy thingy. Im just reading over my old blog entries now, and Im absolutely appauled at my grammar skills! Im laughing right now..new bed ordered though..woooop.